Greater Grace Berlin

About us

We are an international, non-denominational church, and we have a desire to teach the Word of God and make disciples with a world vision. We believe that Jesus Christ should be at the center of our fellowship and ministry, and our hope is that whenever we come together, that each one of us would be drawn into a more vital relationship with him, which has an impact in our daily lives.


In John 19:30, when Jesus was on the cross, he proclaimed, “It is finished.” When he said this, he was making a statement that the work of salvation was accomplished- that the debt for our sins had been completely paid for, and that forgiveness for our sins was made freely available. For those who have believed on Jesus Christ, this “finished work” of Christ is a basis for hope, joy, and encouragement. Because of this finished work, we can enter into great rest and satisfaction, along with God the Father, who is pleased with the great finished work of His Son, and with us, as we are placed in Him at salvation. This truth is at the core of the teaching at Greater Grace Berlin.


On Sunday mornings, our service is in German and in English, with translation into French, Russian, and Polish (among others) potentially available if needed. We also have a children’s program, as well as a separate place for parents with smaller children to play, while the parents can listen in on a live video feed of the service. After Sunday service, we always have something to eat- and sometimes we have a meal before our Sunday afternoon Bible school class. On Wednesday evenings, church service (Bible study) is in our smaller room, with no children’s program, and it is less formal, frequently with open discussions after the messages.


Our congregation is a mix of people, not from any age group or language group in particular. We are blessed with many children, but at present not s many teenagers. We have people from several African countries, the former Soviet Union, Poland, Hungary, Pakistan, Czech Republic, the USA, and of course Germany. We also often receive visitors from other Greater Grace churches, particularly from the USA, Hungary, and Finland.

Although it is remarkable, this cultural diversity also prevents certain trends from taking place. First, I am not surrounded with people just like me, so a certain cultural comfort zone are harder to form. Not to say that friendships with people from other backgrounds are more difficult to form, but rather that being exposed to people from various backgrounds and parts of the world challenges our values- God can teach us to put other people first, put aside pride, practice forgiveness, exercise humility, overlook hurts, realize our own shortcomings. This precious process helps to conform us into the image of Christ.


The church in Berlin started with two young ladies, graduates from Maryland Bible College and Seminary, who were living in the Berlin in the mid 1990’s, praying for a church to be planted in the city. In 1998, a team from Greater Grace World Outreach arrived to start a church. The group was made up of four families and some singles, of whom some remained in Berlin, serving as missionaries, for up to twelve years. The current pastor of the church is native Berliner Stephan Stein, who also attended Bible College at MBC&S, where he met his wife, Mindy.


The name of the church comes from James 4:6.

“But He gives a greater grace. Therefore it says, “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” NASB